1. Mi hermana, I appreciate your message so much and your prayers. It brought tears to my eyes. I am not 100 percent where I should be. Too much going on. Say hi to Clark (Gersom) for me. I will return to WP when my head is in a better place. I miss you all. Thank you for sending your email Mandy. My email is crissy.1565@gmail.com
      Lots of love and hugs back. Thank you for caring.

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  1. Hi Miss Crissy, how are you in the Land down under, been in my prayers, that passage or pic of Genesis 1:1″ In the beginning God created…” I just love how the Holy Spirit make the point that there is a God, and He created everything ( Colossians 1:15-20 ) and ( Romans 5:1 ) God Bless you my sister, Dave


    1. Thank you for your prayers brother Dave. God bless you.
      “Things” not the best down under at the moment. God’s Sovereignty is my sanity.
      Take care


      1. Crissy, what are your prayer requests, let me and others join in with you…I pray you your hope grows in the fact you belong to Jesus…Romans 14:8-9…. one little phrase in that “we are the LORD’s…” I pray that truth of Gods Word encourages you,
        God Bless you my sister,


      2. “We are the Lord’s” that’s so encouraging brother.
        God is faithful and He Is always with us, we are never alone. But most of the time is hard to accept what’s happening around me. I keep asking our Lord for wisdom to navigate the darkness and opportunities to witness for Christ. Thank you brother Dave. God bless you.


    1. I shouldn’t be surprised at the state of the world and in particular where I live. After all the Bible is clear regarding the last days before Jesus returns. I just never expected to see and experience what I see and hear. I am concerned for my grandchildren . The knowledge that that our God is sovereign gives me peace.
      Thank you brother Dave for the Bible verse and your prayers. I pray you and yours are doing well.
      God bless you


      1. Lord I come in the name of Jesus, I bring my sister Crissy to you, God I don’t all the details of what Crissy is going through, I pray you remind her that your very near to her, as you have said in your Word, you will never leave us or forsake us, thank you Jesus for that promise, Lord I pray for her grandkids, I pray for them, you know the needs there…lastly Jesus fill her, encourage Crissy by your Spirit, gain comfort by your Word,
        In Jesus name Amen
        In my prayer my dear sister


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