“It is easy to follow Christ when all things are safe. But your love to Jesus Christ would be seen more, if you must lose your lives, or deny your Jesus.
It would be a trial of your love, when fire and faggot [a wooden stick] was before you, if you would rush into that, rather than fly from the truth as it is in Jesus.

Though all things are calm now, the storm is gathering and by and by it will break; it is at present no bigger than a man’s hand. But when it is full it will break and then you will see whether you are found Christians or not.”

George Whitefield



  1. I’ve been reading in Galatians lately, and Paul “boasts” in his imprisonments, beatings, and sleepless nights etc…my mind doesn’t compute that kind of harshness yet my brothers and sisters in China and other Islamic countries are for years living persecutions like that of Paul…the quote is spot on Miss Crissy, and I believe in your country ( Austrailia )is starting to move where your going to choose what you ( whom ) believe, in the U.S. here sensorship and blatant lies from our government is at a peak that has never been…my prayer for anybody who reads this…Our God is right beside us…Isaiah 41:10…stay in Gods Word, repent of your sins, and be strong and courageous, and be watchful, sober in your prayers, be honest with our gracious , loving, kind, Father…God Bless you saints who are in this fight…In Jesus mighty name, Amen, Dave

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