During our current Sydney Covid-19 lockdown the hard-and-fast rule is:

“ You are not allowed to visit anyone and NO ONE is allowed to visit you”

But for the last two days I had a visitor that no one can stop, or issue fines for not obeying rules. He can defy the law and get away with it.

I named him Charly.

On his first visit, Charly and I introduced ourselves with a couple of “hellos”.
He was very polite and well mannered. The sound of his voice was sweet and he displayed an inquisitive demeanour.

Charly yesterday on his first visit.

This morning he returned.  I didn’t notice him on my balcony until he called out to me.  We had our little chat( although we speak different languages we understand each other ☺️)before he took to the skies to join the rest of the group.

Charly this morning

Will he return tomorrow ?, I will be looking out for him.

Of course warnings of how destructive these parrots can be, have been coming in from caring family and friends.🍃💚🍃

Without a doubt, I don’t believe my little friend Charly has “destruction”on his mind.  🤔🤔

No visitors allowed? Charly can ✨

“Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn, and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds!”

Luke‬ ‭12:24‬ ‭

Featured image credit: Pixabay.


  1. Crissy, thanks for sharing this story and the photos of Charly! I hope he continues to visit you. Yes, God takes care of these beautiful creatures and He will take care of us.

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  2. What a blessing, Crissy! GOD smiles at you by sending Charly! We will be surprised how GOD tells us, I’m with you and grateful for His care that makes us smile too and thanking Him in the process. 😉 Charly will be fine outside the glass, please don’t risk even how cuddly 😊the parrot is. 🐠

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  3. I’m replying to your comment on my blog: I too am praying that prayer request about many hearing and trusting the Gospel before its too late. I was moved thinking about this for this week that I changed my sermon late this morning and preached on the need to be ambassadors of Christ. Providential we are praying the same thing

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