“Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.”

Jude 1:3

Puritan Thomas Watson Quote

Contend for scripture. Though we should not be of contentious spirits, yet we ought to contend for the Word of God. This jewel is too precious to be parted with. Prov iv 13. ‘Keep her, for she is thy life.
The Scripture is beset with enemies; heretics fight against it, we must therefore ‘contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.’ Jude 3. The Scripture is our book of evidences for heaven; shall we part with our evidences? The saints of old were both advocates and martyrs for truth; they would hold fast scripture, though it were with the loss of their lives. 

   Be thankful to God for the Scriptures. What a mercy is it that God has not only acquainted us what his will is, but that he has made it known by writting ! In the old times God revealed his mind by visions, but the Word written is a surer way of knowing God’s mind. 2 Peter 1 v 18. ‘This voice which came from. Heaven we heard, we have also a more sure word of prophecy.’ The devil is God’s ape, and he can transform himself into an angel of light; he can deceive with false revelations; as I have heard one who had, as he thought, a revelation from God to sacrifice his child, as Abraham had; whereupon, following this impluse of the devil, he killed his child.
Thus Satan deceives people with delusion, instead of divine revelations; therefore we are to be thankful to God for revealing his mind to us by writting. 

The Scripture is our pole-star to direct us to heaven, it shows us every step we are to take; when we go wrong, it instructs us; when we go right, it comforts us; and it is a matter of thankfulness, that the Scriptures are made intelligible, by being translated. 

~ Thomas Watson

Keep Contending for the faith no matter how strong the resistance.


  1. Crissy, It is a phrase that should motivate believers way beyond signing up for the “Christian Club” or going for some “participation award”. The very language says this path could have many obstacles and invites a discipline beyond nature walks on a safe groomed trail where the rocks and thistles are removed before hand and rail guards are in place for the cliff edges. Most of us would love to at least see a sign telling us all the dangerous predators have been removed. We must carry with us and grow as we go the most precious substance of all to succeed, Faith in Jesus. now I’m preaching but you lit the fire…LOL

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  2. Thanks for your like of my post, “The Coming Kingdom 4;” you are very gracious. Also, thanks for posting this article; it has a lot of important food for thought. Please keep up your good work.

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  3. You truly are a blessing. I thank you for all that you do with your written articles, and thank you for following my site, and for all of the likes that you have put on my posts. May Christ, our Lord and Savior, richly bless you.

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    1. Thanks for the work that you did on this article, and for all that which you do on all of your posts. I am also thankful for all of the likes that you put on my posts. Please keep up your good work.

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