Comfort In Times Of Persecution

Is anyone familiar with the teachings of Pastor Charles Lawson from Temple Baptist Church, Knoxville? I have listened to a few of his sermon videos (a friend sent me…) and he appears to be biblically sound.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

11 thoughts on “Comfort In Times Of Persecution

  1. Crissy, I am not familiar with Charles Lawson. I did a little googling and I see Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville is IFB although it doesn’t seem to be a part of the Sword of the Lord-connected IFB churches that I am familiar with. Thanks for the sermon. My wife and I will listen tonight.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this sermon, Crissy. I have viewed his sermons before but haven’t seen this one. He is biblically sound. And I know him to be a student of history, as I am. He is a “throwback” in his style of preaching, meaning he is very strong in his delivery of the truth of the gospel. I find no fault in the man, that’s my two cents worth. Blessings!

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  3. Overall, biblically sound. I would say, though, that he preaches milk … things mature Christians should know. Nothing too deep here, but then again, he knows his congregation and is probably giving them the message he believes the most need to hear.

    I like his passion and confidence.

    Thanks for posting, Crissy.

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