God Is Incomprehensible

What can we know about God? That’s the most basic question of theology, for what we can know about God and whether we can know anything about Him at all determine the scope and content of our study. Here we must consider the teaching of the greatest theologians in history, all of whom have affirmed the “incomprehensibility of God.” By using the term incomprehensible, they are not referring to something we are unable to comprehend or know at all. Theologically speaking, to say God is incomprehensible is not to say that God is utterly unknowable. It is to say that none of us can comprehend God exhaustively.

Incomprehensibility is related to a key tenet of the Protestant Reformation—the finite cannot contain (or grasp) the infinite. Human beings are finite creatures, so our minds always work from a finite perspective. We live, move, and have our being on a finite plane, but God lives, moves, and has His being in infinity. Our finite understanding cannot contain an infinite subject; thus, God is incomprehensible. This concept represents a check and balance to warn us lest we think we have captured altogether and mastered in every detail the things of God. Our finitude always limits our understanding of God.
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12 thoughts on “God Is Incomprehensible

  1. Crissy, thanks for this article! I’m grateful that God has given us His Word so that we can learn more and more about Him. While He is “incomprehensible” according to our finite abilities, He allows us to know Him increasingly through His Word and the comfort and conviction that the Holy Spirit provides.

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  2. One day we shall know even as we are known. 1 Corinthians 13:12. That in itself is also incomprehensible, a mystery and a clue that we have no clue what we shall become in eternity. Bottom line is what a great hope we have in Christ.

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    1. So many truths about the triune God will remain a mystery while we are in this body. When we arrive home we shall continue to learn about our incomprehensible infinite God that made us.
      God’s peace and blessings


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