AUTHOR: JUAN PABLO OSORIO. Church Planter / Pastor

NOV 16, 2020

The Lord Sustained Maximo to the End

Maximo In His Home

Maximo was an older man when I met him. He was very joyful and hospitable. I first spoke with him in July 2015 when we traveled up the mountain to the community of Tumpa near the snow-capped peak of Huascarán. We were with a group of brothers and sisters from the church in order to evangelize in the town.

I met Maximo as he was resting and talking with a neighbor. I approached both of them to begin talking to them about the gospel. Maximo asked me many questions and God gave him an interest in hearing more from the Word. He invited us to his home, where he lived with his daughter and her family (his wife had passed away). It was late in the evening, and so he offered for us to stay the night there before traveling back down the mountain. His lived in a humble home made of adobe.

Juan Pablo In Maximos Home

As I told them about Christ and the gospel, they received the Word and they believed in the Lord Jesus. Later that year they were baptized. This family was the first fruits of our evangelism in Tumpa.

Two years ago, Maximo suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was confined to his bed without the ability to speak. The doctors gave up hope of his recovery and said that he was going to die within the week because of his age, being 86 years old. He could neither speak nor eat. 

Maximo was a man of prayer, and with the prayers of the church and the help of the Lord, in two months he had recovered and began walking and speaking about the Lord, although with difficulty. The workers at the hospital were astounded by his recover and his life. 

On October 28, Maximo was taken to be with His Lord at 88 years old. I give thanks to God for the life of this man. The Lord sustained him to the end. I was able to preach at his burial and funeral service.


JUAN PABLO OSORIOChurch Planter / Pastor

15 thoughts on “MISSION UPDATE PERU

  1. Sometimes I can’t wait to hear all the astounding stories and testimonies of the saints down through history from around the world. All our stories will be told in eternity. Except those who refused to believe. Their stories will come to a dead end and I can hardly go there.

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