Poetic Perspectives

Dusk over the Pacific Ocean near Monterey (photo: Craig Sabin 2007)

As darkness falls across the land, 
Lord give me grace and faith to stand,
And persevere against all odds
and never worship other gods,
Nor taste their wares nor fear their sting;
Lord may I not fear anything –
Save you who hold the keys of hell,
and long for me with you to dwell.
And who, for love, lay down your life
and suffered brutal pain and strife.
And rose victorious from the grave,
my own unworthy soul to save.

Now things are not as they appear –
the end of time is drawing near,
And hatred wields his deadly power,
and seeks all those he may devour.
O Lord of Hosts, with me abide,
and keep me safely at your side,
Until the Day your Son appears
and wipes away all of my tears.
O keep my…

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