God’s attributes are indivisible

The will of God is sovereign—it is not determined by anything but God Himself. It is the expression of His Lordship, His absolute being. But remember, His will is never arbitrary. It is never exercised except in perfect harmony with all the other attributes of God’s great and glorious being. It is the same God who is omniscient, who is omnipresent. It is the same God who is glorious and wonderful. It is the same God who is love and compassion and mercy. We must not divide these things, though we distinguish them for the purposes of thought and understanding.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

24 thoughts on “God’s attributes are indivisible

  1. Thanks, Crissy! It’s a blessing to know our Lord is sovereign over all of our circumstances. I appreciate MLJ’s preaching so much. We continue with his sermons in Romans once a week.

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      1. I’m so glad you are blessed by MLJ’s sermons! What a blessing it is to have his sermons so readily available via the MLJ Trust app on my iPhone. What a contrast between MLJ’s preaching in the Spirit and what passes for sermons in most pulpits these days.


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