Here Comes the Groom

When is Jesus coming to take us home?, we don’t know! but He promised He would.

We wait, never losing hope. 
Be encouraged by this post from our dear sister !

Meeting Jesus With Donna Stearns

pexels-photo-291759.jpegThe Song of Solomon relates the beauty found in marriage as our Creator designed it to be. Solomon portrays young love in courtship and the ever-growing love found when the relationship is consummated.

Women today might not appreciate some of the comparisons he uses to describe the beauty of his bride.

“thy hair is as a flock of goats”, “thy temples are like a piece of a pomegranate”, “they neck is like the tower of David.”

But to his bride Solomon makes it clear she’s beautiful and to be desired.  In response 3 times she makes it evident she is secure in her bridegroom’s love.

“My beloved is mine, and I am his…I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine…I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.” (2:16;6:3; 7:10).

This song of marriage not only relates Solomon’s love for his bride but it also gives us…

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39 thoughts on “Here Comes the Groom

  1. Thanks, Crissy! Just a confession; I think women might do better with the Biblical analogy of Christ being the groom and the church being the bride, but I definitely do get the love connection and the anticipation of Jesus’s return!


    1. I see what you mean Tom. 😊
      I imagine this is why we find in Galatians
      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
      ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭3:28‬ ‭

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  2. Crissy, I’m not sure I responded to your reblogging this post. I just saw it in my email and wanted to be sure your knew I do appreciate it. Thank you and God bless. May it continue to encourage you and your readers.

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  3. This is a good article, just as all of your work is good. You might want to check my most recent comment on my End Times 22 post. It is lengthy, and includes part of the reply that I made to you. This particular reply discusses Matthew 24, because of a question.

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    1. Thank you I will have a look.
      Recently I have been made aware of the pre wrath position . I am currently studying it and comparing it to the pre trib I have always been taught.
      The pre wrath answers a lot of the questions I had and it fits perfectly with Matthew 24.
      So grateful for your input.
      I didn’t want to comment on your blog regarding the pre wrath position as it would go against what you teach . So I am glad I can do it here.

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      1. Thanks or sharing. The Pre-wrath position puts born again believers as targets of God’s judgments, for which there is no spiritual improvement for believers. All of the tribulation is due to God’s wrath, just as was the Noahic flood. Neither you, nor I, have a reason to come under God’s judgment in the tribulation. We, in our born again spirit, are as pure as the Spirit of Christ. Nothing of the tribulation can make us any more righteous. The book of Revelation discusses God’s judgments on unbelievers (Rev 3:10), from Chap 4-19. The rapture is not mentioned in the book of Revelation. John 14:2-6 tells of Christ coming for his believers to take them to heaven, as do 1 Thes 4:13-18, and 1 Cor 15:50-54. We are taken to heaven because we are righteous. There is nothing in Revelation that tells of anybody being raptured. The return of Christ in Mt 24:29-31 tells of Christ returning to earth for Judgment of those who were left behind, which is enacted in Mt 25:34 for those who accept Christ during the Tribulation, and will go into the Kingdom age, but without resurrection bodies. Those who are raptured are given bodies, souls and spirits that are eternal, and without defect. Those in Mt 25:46, who did not accept Christ during the Tribulation, will be killed and be sent to the Great White Throne Judgment (Rev 20:11-15), where they will be thrown into the lake of fire. The purpose of the Tribulation is for Israel, and not believers in Christ, with the purpose of drawing unbelievers to saving faith in Christ. Believers have passed the test o Rev 3:10 by accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, with the Presence of God’s Spirit dwelling within us prompting us to righteousness. For us to come under the judgments of God, which extends from Rev 6-19, means that we are the targets of God, having to prove ourselves again. I had a very trusted pastor who gave me the book on the pre-wrath rapture. That pastor was very special to me, but was also very wrong. Remember that it is God that is causing all of those horrible things to happen to “the bride of Christ,” if that will be the case. Please tell me why Christ,the bridegroom, would cause His bride to come under any of the judgments of the Tribulation. Please forgive me for taking so long to give this discussion. Btw, my pastor friend was a Calvinist.

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      2. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I will copy and paste so I can read carefully and look up the Scripture verses you quote.


  4. Please let me continue. Matthew 24 does not discuss the rapture. What is discussed is the second coming of Christ for Judgment and the saving of living saved Jews at the end of the tribulation, after they call on Him (in faith) to save them from the attacking forces on Israel. While Christ was on earth he called the Jews to accept Him as Messiah. The Jews rejected Christ, and He postponed the Kingdom for their possession (Matt 21:43, until they call on Him, which they do at the Battle of Armageddon. (Mt 23:37-39; Zech 12:10).

    No one is raptured in Mt 24-25. Those coming with Christ at the end of the Tribulation will be the raptured saints (you and me), as well as angels (Zech 14:4, Matt 24:29-31; Rev 19:7-8, 11-21). Those who accept Christ during the Tribulation, and go into the Kingdom Age (Mt 25:34,40, repeated in vs 46) are not raptured, and will not rule and reign during the Kingdom age; they will have children who will have to accept Christ during the Kingdom, or will be thrown into the lake of fire (Rev 20:15), along with the unbelievers who survive the Tribulation (Matt 25:41, 45, repeated in vs 46). Some confuse the rapture with Mt 24:40-41. Remember that Mt 24 is a private conversation between Christ and His disciples (Mt 24:3.), and relates to Jews (vs 14, 16, 20).

    In the rapture, Christ’s followers will be taken to Heaven, in Mt 24:40-41, unbelieving Jews will be taken to Judgment. In the rapture, unbelievers will be left behind to go into tribulation judgment, but believing Jews will behind left to enter the Kingdom.

    It is important to remember that Matthew, Mark Luke and John tell of Christ’s attempt to draw Jews to saving faith in Him as Messiah, so they can go into the Kingdom(Matt 3:2. 4:17, 10:7). That Gospel of the Kingdom is addressed in Mt 24:14, as opposed to the Gospel of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (1 Cor 15:1-8). Christ discussed the Law with the Jews (Matt 5-7). The four gospels were not spoken to Christians; there were no Christians. Even as Christ was with His disciples the last time, they were asked Him if it was the time for Him to restore the Kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6). The disciples did not say anything about the rapture because the rapture was not taught to the Jews, not to the disciples or to any Jews anywhere else in any of the Old Testament, which until the falling of the Holy Spirit was still Old Testament. The rapture was a mystery (1 Cor 15:51), and was not revealed to those of the Old Testament, including the disciples.

    In order for anyone to understand anything of the Tribulation, they must understand the teachings of the Old Testament. They must understand that the Tribulation is for Jews (Jer 30:7), and that it will not happen until after the Antichrist affirms a peace treaty with Israel (Dan 9:27). Nowhere in the teachings of who will be in the Tribulation are born again believers in Christ mentioned.

    The pre-wrath rapture is bad teaching, and is not based on scripture.

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  5. In Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost’s book, “Things to Come,” (Pg 413), Mt 24-25 are described: (1) the tribulation period (24:4-26), (2) the second advent of Messiah to the earth (24:27-30), (3) the regathering of Israel (24:31), (4) the judgment on Israel, (25:1-30), (5) the judgment on Gentiles (25:31-46), (6) the kingdom to follow. In this carefully developed chronology of events, the judgment on Israel follows the second advent of Christ to the earth and the consequent regathering of Israel as a nation.

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      1. A pastor who has not come to understand eschatology can not be expected to teach that subject with clarity; some never touch that subject. The purpose for Christ in the Gospels was to draw Jews to the Kingdom through belief in Him as God’s appointed King (Matt 3:2; 4:17; 10:17). A pastor must teach his flock the reason for the Tribulation (Jer 30:7), and that which will precede the Tribulation 9:27) so that his lock will have confidence in their bride, instead of fear, to protect them from all of the judgments of the Tribulation. A pastor must teach the significance and importance of His bride, that He will not brow beat her at the Bema Judgment, and will not force her to be His target during the time is allocated for unbelievers. Consider a groom who will beat up on His bride on the way to the wedding alter; that is not the view of God for the bride of Christ.

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      2. From Revelation chapter six is the wrath of God ?
        Whereas pre-wrath view has the wrath of God beginning with the trumpet judgements.
        My pastor teaches the pre trib rapture.
        Thank you for your kindness in bearing with me

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      3. The wrath of God is from Rev 6:1 through the end of Rev 19. Notice that each judgment, (seal, trumpet, bowl) is poured out by Christ (Rev 6:1) and angels (8:2,5). Even if not stated, the Noahic flood was God’s wrath, just as was God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. Pre-wrathers don’t understand the purpose of the tribulation, being Israel (Jer 30:7).

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      4. Let me add a thought. The tribulation will be for unbelieving Israel, who, through the tribulation, will be drawn to saving faith in Christ. Jews who are born again, prior to the tribulation will go up in the rapture. Jews, who were born again during the OT (Including the four gospels) , having died, will be resurrected at the end of the tribulation and will rule and reign in the area of the Kingdom (Gen 15:18-21), per Daniel 12:1-3; Matt 19:28.

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  6. Here are some thoughts. l hope that you will find them to be beneficial. I will add others.

    Matthew 24 can not be explained in a few words. I hope that my information will be helpful to you.
    The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were addressed to Jews. They tell of the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt 3:2, 4:17, 10:17) and the Law (Matt 5:7). The purpose was to draw Israel to the acceptance of Christ as Messiah, which would have ushered them into the Kingdom Age, but they rejected Christ which postponed the Kingdom (Matt 21:43) until the Jews would call on Him in saving faith, which will happen at the end of the Great Tribulation when all of Israel sees total destruction and annihilation (Matt 23:37-40; Zech 12:10).

    Matthew 24 was a private conversation between Christ and His disciples (vs 3)He explains the Tribulation (vs 9) and Great Tribulation (vs 21). He says that the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matt 3:2, 4:17, 10:17) must be preached before the end of the Great Tribulation will end (Mt 24:14) (not the gospel of death, burial and resurrection ..1 Cor 15:1-8.). He tells about the abomination of desolation (vs 15), which will be when the Antichrist goes into the tribulation temple and proclaims himself to be God (Dan 9:27, 2 Thes 2:4); consequently,the Jews will flee Jerusalem to the mountains (vs16). The Jews are to pray that their flight will not occur on the Sabbath. That is the point of the beginning of the Great Tribulation (vs 21). Christ will return following the tribulation from heaven with His angels (vs 29-31) and raptured believers (Rev 19:14, Zech 14:5) for the judgment of those who survive the Tribulation (Mt 25:31-46)..these were those who were left behind from the rapture (John 14:2-6). Those who come to faith in Christ during the Tribulation will enter into the Kingdom age (24:34); those who do not accept Christ (Matt 25:46) will be taken in death to Judgment (Rev 20:11-15).

    Per Jer 30:7, the Tribulation is designed for Israel. Per Daniel 9:27, there must be a treaty between Israel and the Antichrist before the Tribulation. The purpose of the Tribulation is to draw unbelieving Jews to saving faith in Christ (Mt 23:37-39; Zech 12:10). The Church is removed from earth (1 Thes 4:16-17; 1 Cor 15:50-54, John 14:2-6…vs 6 is an action of Christ, that takes His believers to Heaven) so that God can deal with unbelieving Israel during the Tribulation. Born again believers in Christ have come to saving faith in Christ, having a spirit that is as pure as the Spirit of Christ (2 Cor 5:17), and can be made no more righteous by going through the judgments of the Tribulation which God causes to come on “all those who dwell on the earth,” (Rev 3:10).There has been no peace treaty confirmed between the Antichrist and Israel. Therefore, we are not in the Tribulation.


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