The Ministry of Reconciliation

Where Living Begins

We live in a hyper-political world where everything today revolves around politicians, politics, and political solutions. You can’t eat in a restaurant, buy toothpaste, or wear certain styles of clothing without politics becoming an issue. We must be involved in politics as citizens, but our responsibility. and goal as followers of Jesus is not to fix this broken world through law or social action.

God hasn’t called His people to violently march in the streets, redistribute wealth by force of government, end cruelty to animals, solve the world hunger problem, or save the oceans from plastic drinking straws. The Creator hasn’t commanded the Church to polish the brass on this sinking ship of the earth. Our heavenly commission is to proclaim the saving power of Jesus from sin to all who are dead in their trespasses and sins (Matthew 28:19-20). What good is done if a person gains all those…

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12 thoughts on “The Ministry of Reconciliation

  1. Thank you for sharing this article, Crissy! Well, taking cue from the definition of politics by Harold Lasswell i.e. “who gets what, when, and how” and coupled with David Easton’s “authoritative allocation of values for the society.” Just a little comment on his article though, it is truly great to focus on our salvation by faith alone and GOD’s teaching of love GOD and neighbor but we should not turn a blind eye, like the rich man did to Lazarus, to the welfare of the poor and disenfranchised. When it comes to disasters due to climatic changes, it is the poor that is the most vulnerable, especially when their sole source of livelihood is gone and the locality does not have enough resource to recover. Love neighbor.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Clark. I agree totally. Although feeding the hungry and not sharing the gospel with them is sending them to hell with a full stomach if you see my meaning here. I always pray that God will send needy people I can help share the gospel with .
      Keep safe Clark
      Blessings to you

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      1. Thank you too, Crissy! It should be dual purpose, when we minister to them i.e. an opportunity also to share the gospel. Actually, the response was longer but I kind of cut it. I used to have a mindset as he does but JESUS’ command of love thy neighbor also struck me in the recent years. So if, as Christians we have the chance to make laws, why don’t we use that GOD given opportunity to also make the world a better place to live than waiting for it to be consumed by fire doing nothing. This is a transient one but we make it safer for the generations of transient individuals to live by while waiting for the 2nd coming of JESUS. Thank you for your patience, Crissy. I’m back to my regular programming.

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  2. Thanks, Crissy! Here in America, pastors historically led believers astray by mixing faith and politics/nationalism. It’s sad to see Christians getting sucked into this thinking and prioritizing the temporal over the eternal.

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement, sister! In America, if you’re a conservative evangelical and don’t march to the faith-nationalism drumbeat, you’re perceived as a very odd duck.


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