23 thoughts on “YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK.

  1. Thank you, Crissy, 👍 for sharing John Mac’s sermons. I will watch/listen to this video after I’m finished listening with Lutzer’s “running to win” sermon.🙂


  2. Perfect timing, Crissy. Currently watching this same sermon on TV. John, currently talks about us chosen and the HOLY SPIRIT convicting us and are now in JESUS CHRIST’s possession as given by GOD the FATHER. John Mac has a recent video/interview also at GTY Studio (found in Youtube GTY), entitled, “Thinking Biblically About COVID-19 Pandemic.”

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  3. Thank you, Crissy. I will be listening to this today or tomorrow. My wife and I listen to JMac’s daily sermon Monday though Friday via the Grace to You app. We’re both grateful for the powerful and uncompromising messages.

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