Young Christian Woman and Pregnant Convert Seriously Injured in Eastern Uganda


(Morning Star News) – A young woman who told a Muslim about Christ and a pregnant, formerly Muslim woman beaten for her new faith suffered serious injuries in eastern Uganda, sources said.

Radical Muslims assaulted Lydia Nabirye, 23-year-old daughter of a Church of God evangelist, on April 7 at about 1 p.m. near Luwooko village, Buwunga Sub-County, Bugiri District, she said.

Nabirye said she shared her faith with a young Muslim woman in early March who subsequently became a Christian. The former Muslim woman, unnamed for security reasons, received threats from her Muslim family due to her new faith, so Nabirye’s family gave her refuge in their home, where six other former Muslims are staying due to threats, she said.

“Her mother knows that her daughter is with me, because we have been close friends with her for more than four years,” Nabirye told Morning Star News by…

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18 thoughts on “Young Christian Woman and Pregnant Convert Seriously Injured in Eastern Uganda

  1. Crissy, let us count our blessings and thanking/praising GOD that we can freely profess our faith in the Triune GOD without fear of or actual punishment and ostracism. Sadly, it still happens in this day and age in Africa, Asia, and some parts that I’ve not accounted. We contantly pray that the soverign GOD, according to His divine will and purpose, will rescue/protect them from harm that might be inflicted to them along the way in their walk of faith. 🙏

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    1. Yes, we need to always pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. And not only for their protection but so that the precious Gospel of the Lord Jesus will reach thousands through their sacrifice and firm stand in their faith.

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      1. You are right about it, Crissy! We are including them in our prayers. Their circumtances are reminiscent to the persecutions inflected to the early Christians. GOD works on weaknesses (in terms of hindrances) in spreading His word/the good news so that His power will be revealed.

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  2. We are so blessed and take our blessings so for granted. We should remember the rights we have can be easily taken from us if we do don’t stand up for what is right. May we be vigilant in prayer.

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