Happy Easter and…Anniversary?

Tulips & Honey

I was pleasantly surprised to see a notification this morning that today is my WP anniversary! Three years blogging, wow that time seems to have gone by extremely fast. Thank you, to all my readers, you’ve become my dear friends! I hope you’re all having a very wonderful morning, that your live stream connection is on point, and that you again bring to mind the price that was paid for our salvation. For believers we don’t celebrate the resurrection once a year, but daily, and on difficult days, hourly. If you are reading this and have not repented of your sins (lying, lustful thoughts, taking the Lords name in vain, hatred and such) know that there is only one way to the Father and that is through the Son. Just like crime is punishable here on Earth, your sin is a crime against your Creator, and will either be paid…

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33 thoughts on “Happy Easter and…Anniversary?

  1. Thank you very much Sonrisa, and just as Happy an Easter and Anniversary for you from me! Looking forward to more helpful Christian God loving messages to each other moving forward doing His will though Jesus Christ our Savior! Amen.
    😊 🙏 🙏


      1. Hi Crissy, I hope you’re safe and doing well way around on your side of the earth too! I’m sorry my dear lady and sister in Christ, I’m not recalling Lauren and I just woke-up so when you can please remind me, and if there is any link at all you would like me to follow to read anything that you or your friends write of course feel free to send them here or via my email, I’ll be happy to check them out! You take care fine lady and I’ll be seeing you! Lorenzo


      2. 🤗 Hi Crissy! Thank you for this consideration and I’ll check it right away! I also send a heartfelt prayer to you that you continue to be safe and that things there will improve dramatically very soon!
        Joy and Peace to you also! ♥️🌻


      3. Well thank you Crissy! You are so dear and kind! Know that I feel your kindness is something I should try my best to emulate and I do appreciate you being so thoughtful to me! God bless you my sister in Christ Jesus! You’re always welcome and I’m always willing to try my best for you.
        Have a healthy and happy weekend! ♥️🌻


      4. This is a beautifully said Easter Sunday message that has the full value of the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ’s love and gift to us in it! I see the correlations clearly as you describe the sinning or breaking of laws here on earth and then going before a judge who meters out the justice in accordance with the laws of the land; versus sinning and then facing our heavenly Father’s Judgement through the only one who lived on earth and was perfect, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of this world if we abide in Him then He abides in us before His Father, to save us from the wrath, that as you said He took in our place to keep us out of eternal damnation or separation from God, but to instead give us eternally blessed life! Many thanks to both you and our sister Crissy for leading me to this message; in Christ Jesus! Amen.


  2. I’m grateful for Lauren and her ministries. The Lord has blessed me with several beloved sisters and brothers here at WordPress including mi hermana abajo debajo!

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