I would like to share our experience yesterday as our evangelistic team hit the streets of our city yesterday.

We live in uncertain times and the world as we know it is rapidly changing.    We are seeing unprecedented things happening right before our eyes. At times is hard to keep up with it all.

Fear and panic strikes the heart of those that are without hope as they listen to the media and their constant barrage of information on the Corona Virus.  But as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ nothing should take us by surprise. We should not fear:

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I want to encourage all of you to share the gospel of Jesus Christ making the most of every opportunity.   As followers of Jesus we are not to walk around in fear of being contaminated.  As good soldiers in the army of the Lord, we go into the battle field and share the good news in a time of fear, hopelessness and devastation.  No matter what.  

People without hope and covered by the darkness falling upon this world are more concerned about toilet paper than their immortal souls.  They are deceived by the god of this world and we can bring hope and light into their lives.

The response that we had yesterday was in our street ministry was amazing.  Rene, one of our evangelistic team members was displaying the sign below.  People were stopping asking us to explain the meaning of the sign.  As we did we were able to share the gospel .  It was awesome. It was so exciting!!

Anne enthusiastically sharing the gospel with young people in December.

Let’s be ready to share the good news and bring light in a dark world before is too late.

45 thoughts on “A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS

  1. Very good Crissy, you are so right and as I told you I had a moving experience yesterday that was totally unexpected and not something I could have anticipated! I know our Savior is increasing His Divine Providence now; in fact because as you said there is an increase of the unprecedented things causing fear and panic in people which is exactly what our arch enemy is all about. The only power the evil one or prince of this falling world has over us is that which we give to him or when we are paralyzed with fear he is able to torment and fear begets more fear! Like you suggest my Sister in Christ Jesus, we are brave warriors for our God not fighting in any physical sense but only with His word and our faith in Him which supersedes all earthly powers and any in all creation; therefore we aren’t cowering away from our responsibilities but taking them on gladly because we have Him, our shield and protection, as He will guide our every step and we should rest assured that what He allows is for our own good! That is very exciting to see what you and your faithful evangelistic team members are doing, so good of you to do that Crissy; and I will pray for you! So motivated for Jesus; and you inspire and help me too! God Bless You! 😊 🙏 🙏

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      1. My pleasure Crissy, and for my own good as well to be in fellowship with you and others as we seek His Divine will for us, as we walk with Him on our earthly journey of faith and salvation! God Bless. 🙏 🙏

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      1. Beth, I actually didn’t watch the video until your prompt. What a blessing! The Gospel, so simple. Praise God for your twins (and their parents) and the one acknowledging Jesus! Bless you all and have a grateful day!

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    1. bornagain732

      Praise The Lord!!

      Outta the mouth of a babe!!! Bless her sweet child heart!

      The Lord has blessed us with a set of identical twins with Down Syndrome-one also has autism (right now 😉) he is non verbal-the twin that talks has told me Who Jesus is! Hallelujah!

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      1. Wow sounds like things here. My Lord’s Day went well, preached at two churches including my own. I guess a lot of churches closed led us to have a spike in attendance which I was surprised about. I think believers do want to be reminded of God’s Word at this time

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  2. Crissy, I appreciate your Christian witness to God’s Word. As social distancing and shelter-in-place become a temporary normal in our lives, I feel the WordPress community reaching out in amazing ways to share the Gospel. God’s peace!

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