The World Record for Not Sleeping

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In January 1964, Randy Gardner set a world record. He remained awake for 11 days and 25 minutes.

The 16-year old was monitored by a sleep researcher from Stanford University, a Lt Commander with the US Naval Medical Psychiatric Research Unit, and two of his fellow students.

By the second day, Randy couldn’t focus his eye and had to stop watching television. On day 3, he lost physical coordination. His monitors recorded on the 4th day that Randy was paranoid and hallucinating. He believed himself to be a black professional football player, and accused his own friends of being racists when told he had white skin.

On day 8, Gardner’s speech became slow and slurred, and the following day he was unable to speak in sentences. On the final day, he was suffering from body tremors, a heart murmur, his eyes rotated in their sockets, and he had no short-term…

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16 thoughts on “The World Record for Not Sleeping

  1. hawk2017

    Many mentally ill are non-sleepers. I have a member of the family that has no sleep mechanism and under the care of a sleep specialist. I have several in family that are day sleepers.

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  2. Thanks, Crissy. Good one! My wife can keep going when she’s tired but I turn into a zombie. But I’m also starting to get OM Syndrome. Old Man Syndrome = go to bed at 10 p.m. and wide awake at 3 or 4 a.m.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I cannot imagine going even 24 hours without sleep.

    Thankfully our Lord is vigilant as He watches over and guides His creation. He never rests because He wants to be available to us at any time, at any moment. Bless Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

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  4. My personal record was a full week 7 days and 7 nights not even a one minute nap but, I m bipolar so is not so strange. When under emotional stress, I cannot sleep even with sleeping pills and other meds. I stay up and get sick.

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