The Pilgrim’s Progress

Apollyon: “How do you think to receive wages from this Prince? You have already been unfaithful!”

Christian: “How have I been unfaithful, Apollyon?”

Apollyon: “You almost choked in the Swamp of Despair, you tried to get rid of your burden in wrong ways, you fell asleep and left your scroll behind, you were almost persuaded to go back at the sight of the lions, and when you speak of your journey—all that you have seen and heard, you do so to bring attention to yourself.”

Christian: “All of this is true, and even more that you have left out. But the Prince whom I serve is merciful and forgiving. He, himself, died on a cross and rose again to cleanse me of all these sins you have accused me of and more! I did groan under them, but I have obtained a total PARDON!”

9 thoughts on “The Pilgrim’s Progress

  1. Richard Rice

    This amazing scene reminds me of one of my favorite passages in the Old Testament, Zechariah 3. (Tho’ I can’t think of one passage in Scripture that is not my favorite!) Joshua the high priest stands accused before the Lord. His priestly garments have become soiled and the enemy is so helpful standing next to him pointing to each stain. Joshua says nothing, but the Lord Himself does all the speaking. The Lord Jesus doesn’t deny the unfaithfulness or filthiness of His servant, but mercifully, graciously, and sovereignly re-clothes Joshua in “rich robes”, fitting Joshua not only for service, but for Himself!

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